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Hair Removal


Hair Removal / Whole Body


From the nape to the toes

※Please shave yourself in advance

※Including VIO and face

Hair Removal / S Parts

5,500 yen

・Nape of Neck

・Under the Elbow

・Under Below the Knees

Hair Removal /  L Parts

8,800 yen

・Front (Below the collarbone and above the pants line)

・Back (Above the pants line to the nape)

・Both arm (Shoulder back to fingers including)

・Both legs (buttocks,insteps,toes including) *1 part above

Hair Removal / Armpit

500 yen

There is also the merit of eliminating darkening. It is also recommended as an odor control because it can suppress the cause of stuffiness and the growth of germs.

Hair Removal / Nape(included Design)

5,500 yen

No advance preparation.Nape hair removal.(Shaving and design will be done by practitioner after counseling)Range from nape to Maximam C5

Hair Removal / Face(women)

7,900 yen

It is recommended because it makes your skin look brighter and makes your makeup look better.

Hair Removal / Private Area VIO (women)

7,900 yen

V line, I line, O line, all parts Of course, it is possible to make it zero, and if you have resistance, you can make it thinner. ※Please do your own shabin in advance.

Hair Removal / Private Area 1Part (women)

4,400 yen

VIO any one part For those who are reluctant to lose everything at once. First of all, for those who want to experience the effect

Hair Removal / All Face Beard(men)

8,800 yen

Cleanliness is improved because daily care and skin troubles are released and pores are not noticeable!!!

Hair Removal / Face Beard 1Part(men)

4,400 yen

If you don't want to remove all the beards, you can also remove each part.

Hair Removal / Around the Mouth

3,300 yen

・Around the Mouth

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