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Before making a reservation, please check in advance as there are some things that you should check and keep in mind before the procedure. We will explain about aftercare when you visit us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the staff.


Reservations are accepted online 24h.

Please let us know at least 24h in advance if you want to cancel or change.

Consent form

You can check the consent form to be signed before the procedure in advance.

Hair Removal

《Before treatment》

・ Please do not apply sunscreen to the hair loss area as much as possible.

→ The hair removal effect may not be maximized or may be diminished. Take measures against UV rays with a hat, parasol, gloves, long-sleeved black-eyed cardigan, etc.

・ Before removing hair from intimate area, please take a shower or clean it with a washlet.

・ Basically, we do not provide shaving services at this salon. Please shave your hair on the day or the day before. Please let us know in advance for areas that are difficult to clean by yourself, such as your back and collar legs. If you have not shaved or have leftovers on other parts, we will either avoid the treatment on the relevant part or we will assist you only at your request.

In that case, please note that the reserved time does not include the shaving time, so some treatments may be omitted.

Customers are responsible for any troubles caused by shaving. When shaving, we recommend using an electric shaver.


・ Please refrain from using tweezers, razors, wax, hair removal cream, etc.

→ The hair removal effect may not be maximized or may be diminished. If you hurt your skin, it will be easier to dry and you will feel more pain.


・ Do not rub strongly on the day of hair removal, and avoid activities that encourage exercise or sweating (high temperature, long bathing, excessive drinking).

→ It will cause strong damage to your skin and cause troubles.


・ Take proper measures against UV rays and moisturize.

→ Immediately after the skin becomes particularly sensitive, please feel the effect in a short period of time by performing correct aftercare.



<< Customers under the age of 18 >>

For customers under the age of 18, hair growth may occur again due to unstable hormone balance.
In addition, hair loss may be worse (slower) than that of general adult customers.

Scalp massage & Treatment

《Before treatment》

・ Please note that if you receive a head spa after color, perm, straight perm, etc., the medicine may be easily removed.
→ If you are interested, please come to the store before the procedure or wait for about 10 days.

・ Head spa is also effective for headaches, but depending on the headache, the procedure may not be suitable, so please consult your doctor.

Photofacial Treatments

《Before treatment》

・ Because it is possible to perform the treatment on clean skin without sebum and dirt, we will cleanse off the makeup and sunscreen before the treatment. (There is no problem with eye makeup as it is)

→ Apply a gel containing beauty essence to the skin at the irradiation site and irradiate the skin while cooling it.


・ Please come to the store by shaving yourself the day before and on the day.


・ Those who have been sunburned or who are planning to do so will not be able to receive the treatment. (Especially for the week before and after)

Avoid sunburn, use sunscreen when you go out, and take all possible measures against UV rays.

→ Not only will it be a burden on your skin, but it will also cause more spots and freckles.It also increases the risk of burns.


・ It has no effect on liver spots caused by hormones.

→ On the contrary, it may become darker.


・ If there is a foreign substance in the skin due to cosmetic surgery, tattoos, tattoos, permanent makeup, moles, scratches, or inflamed areas should be avoided.


・ Those who are pregnant, have photoallergies, or have a keloid constitution cannot receive the treatment.


・ Those who have medicines that have been taken for a long time

If you are taking any medicine that has phototoxic side effects, please consult your doctor.


《After treatment》

・ Take proper measures against UV rays and moisturize.


・ You can wash your face and make up, but do not rub, scratch or rub your skin as hard as possible. Be careful of the pressure of the foundation when washing your face or applying cream.


・ Immediately afterwards, a tingling sensation or redness may appear temporarily.

→ Do not rub the skin, cool it if necessary, and keep it moisturized.


・ Avoid bathing, sauna, and intense sports on the day of the event, and do not overheat your skin.

→ The better your body's circulation, the easier it is to feel tingling and redness.


・ Be sure to leave the next light facial for 2 weeks.

→ If the frequency is too high, it will have the opposite effect.


・ For beauty treatments, massages, and beauty equipment

Please refrain from one week after the treatment.


・ Please refrain from peeling products (peeling, etc.) for home care for 2 weeks after the treatment.


《Before treatment》

Please do not take care (cut, shave, pull out) as much as possible, and come to the store in a fully stretched state.

→ If the length of the eyebrows is 7 mm or less, the hair will not rise and the hair flow cannot be moved in the ideal direction, so you may not be satisfied with the finish.

《 After treatment 》
・ Please refrain from washing your face or getting wet for 5 hours after the treatment. The

→ The effect may be halved.

・ After washing your face, please brush as much as possible. The

→ You can increase the interval between treatments by habituating the hair flow.

・ The eyebrows and surrounding skin after HBL are very sensitive. Do not rub or strain as hard as possible. When washing your face, cleansing, or turning off the towel, do not scrub it and wipe it gently.

・ Because the waxed area becomes easy to dry, be sure to moisturize and care for one week after the treatment. The

・ There is a feeling of sticking to the skin for 10 to 15 days after the treatment. As new hair grows, it will stand up and become more familiar. We recommend that you do not self-treat.

Eyelash Lift

《Before treatment》

・ Please come to the store without mascara or eyelash serum.

→ The perm effect may not be maximized.


・ Please remove hard contacts before the procedure.

・ If you have eyelash extensions, please turn them off before you come to the store.

→ Our lash lift aims to curl your eyelashes beautifully.


・ Unreasonable treatment may cause damage to your eyelashes and cause allergies, so we will refuse if it is judged that the treatment cannot be performed by prior counseling.

 -- Currently, those who have skin or eyeballs around the eyes, other eye-related diseases, rashes, itchiness, etc.

 -- The eyelashes are extremely short, thin, missing, cut, or heavily damaged.

 -- Those who have undergone eyelash perm treatment within 1 month

 -- Those who have undergone cosmetic surgery or LASIK surgery around the eyes within 3 months

 -- Those who did permanent makeup within 3 months

 -- People with weak or sensitive skin around the eyes, those who are struck by adhesive substances such as tape, adhesive plasters, and eyelid glue


《After treatment》

・ The eyelashes after the rush lift are very sensitive. Do not rub or press your eyelashes as hard as you can. When washing your face, cleansing, or turning off the towel, do not scrub it and wipe it gently.

→ You will be able to maintain the beauty of your eyes for a long time by properly performing aftercare such as eyelash serum.


・ Please refrain from washing your face or getting wet for 3 to 4 hours after the treatment.

→ The perm effect may be halved.

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