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Your Beauty is determined


by the decisions you make

at each moment in your life.

We are here to support you


on that journey.




Head Spa Treatment

Niseko first landing!! A head bath spa where you can enjoy beauty and healing at the same time. Combining shampoo and treatment suitable for each person from scalp, hair, and body problems, you can take a carbonated head bath into your dreams.You can only enjoy the Headbath Spa, which runs on your own menu until the very end of the outbath. Feel the greatest blend of beauty and relaxation ever.

15,500 yen~

Head Spa

Body Treatment

The latest slimming relaxation machine

[Cavitation x radio waves x suction x EMS]

A relaxation machine that melts, burns, and excretes cold hardened fat and stiffness. Approach fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain, and muscle pain from the inside of the body. Wastes that cause swelling are also softened by a machine and then washed away manually. While relaxing, the body feels very comfortable and lasts.

13,200 yen~

Body Treatment


It is not only effective for stains and whitening, but also tightens pores and effectively improves dullness, acne, wrinkles, sagging, etc. You can feel the effect even more with the cleansing and facial cleansing treatments from Rear Beaute.

4,980 yen~

Herb Facial

Hair Removal

By removing hair, you can reduce the hassle and time of self-treatment. The complex caused by skin troubles and unwanted hair will be reduced, and you will be able to expose your skin with confidence. Also, removing pubic hair can make you feel cleaner and improve the quality of your sex life. By removing hair, the color of the skin becomes uniform, and you can expect a beautiful skin effect. Plus, depilation makes your skin smoother and makes your clothes more comfortable. Recently, men's hair removal has become common, and it also has the advantage of improving cleanliness and freshness.

390 yen~

Hair Removal

Eyebrow Solution

A next-generation eyebrow that gives your eyebrows a soft, natural finish with a perm and wax. The biggest attraction of HBL is that you can freely move the hair flow. With a hair flow that suits you, you can lead to beautiful eyebrows that enhance your individuality and individuality.

6,900 yen~

Eyebrow Soluton

Eyelash Solution

Even without an eyelash curler, you can keep your eyelashes neatly up, making your eyes look more attractive. Make use of your own eyelashes to make your eyes look natural. It is also possible to give the impression of lifting the sagging eyelids and make double eyelids look more beautiful.

7,900 yen~

Eyelush Solution

Bust Care

Fixing back fat to the bust while draining the lymph, forming a beautiful bust with manipulation and IPL. Size up, ptosis, weaning, left and right asymmetry, and various troubles. Ideal for improving hunched back, curly shoulders, and flesh that protrudes from bras.

19,800 yen~


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