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Honey facial treatment


A special soap enriched with abundant Ezokashia honey from Niseko and natural ingredients. It gently cleanses the scalp, is gentle enough for children, and softly washes the skin, providing thorough hydration with its rich foam. Following that, a face mask rich in polyphenols removes old keratin and delivers moisture to dry skin with EL's penetration. Then, a smooth and refreshing serum creates a luxurious complexion with moisturizing elements like Ezokashia honey, apple fruit culture cell extract, and Royal Jelly protein. Finally, we seal in moisture with a lotion. This non-greasy, silky-textured lotion provides a luxurious massage on your décolletage and back. Experience moisture and firmness with this all-encompassing aging care item suitable for full-body use.

Honey facial treatment
〜includes 4 set home care products〜


Introducing our exclusive Honey Aging Care Course. Crafted from the bountiful Ezokashia honey found in Niseko, our soap leaves your skin deeply cleansed while retaining essential moisture, guiding you toward a nourished complexion. Versatile for scalp and even for children. Additionally, our face mask rich in polyphenols revitalizes the skin, bringing a refreshing clarity even to dry skin. Following that, a serum delivering nutrients to the skin's layers and a moisturizer maintaining hydration while supporting skin elasticity. These comprehensive items, experienced at our salon, are yours to continue enjoying at home, allowing you to indulge in the complete course even after leaving our premises.

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