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Smooth CBD Serum Oil Massage


60min Course


Indulge in our 60-minute CBD serum oil massage session, designed to alleviate daily stress and promote relaxation of both body and mind. Our skilled therapists use carefully selected high-quality oils, applying gentle pressure to create a soothing experience. In this blissful hour, fatigue fades away, leaving you with a sense of profound tranquility.

90min Course


Experience a deeper level of relaxation and overall body conditioning with our 90-minute CBD serum oil massage session. This extended treatment incorporates techniques to release muscle tension and enhance blood circulation. Indulge in this luxurious time to unwind, letting the soothing massage alleviate the stresses of daily life.

120min Course


For those seeking the ultimate relaxation, our 120-minute CBD serum oil massage session is the perfect choice. The combination of slow, deliberate techniques and luxurious oils effectively eases tension throughout the entire body. Ideal for those with extra time to spare or anyone desiring a truly special relaxation experience.

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